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This page has been created as a general help file for Internet Users to have a tool available to convert time and known when a SFOL SIM is taking place in their time zone. Star Fleet On-Line will post all times in Eastern Daylight or Eastern Standard Time. The tables below show plus and minus time conversions. The clocks above assume that your computer clock is correct, and adjusts the time accordingly so that you will have the time in various parts of the world. Please remeber, that Eastern Time in the United States can be both Eastern Standard and Eastern Daylight Time. The Charts below will list Eastern Standard Time. This list is as correct as we can get it...however, if you notice an error that you are sure to be incorrect, please contact the Fleet Admiral so we can get it corrected.

First Chart Below Deals with GMT - Greenwhich Mean Time - With Hourly Changes starting with Minus -12:00 hours and then proceeding through until GMT and then up Plus +12:00 hours past GMT.

-12:00 hours GMT Midway Islands, Samoa
-11:00 hours GMT Hawaii (United States)
-10:00 hours GMT Alaska (United States)
-8:00 hours GMT Pacific Time Zone (United States and Canada)
-7:00 hours GMT Arizona
-7:00 hours GMT Mountain Time Zone (United States and Canada)
-6:00 hours GMT Central America
-6:00 hours GMT Central Time Zone (United States and Canada)
-5:00 hours GMT Eastern Time Zone (United States and Canada)
-4:00 hours GMT Atlantic Time Zone (Canada)
-3:30 hours&minutes GMT Newfoundland
-3:00 hours GMT Greenland
-2:00 hours GMT Mid Atlantic
-1:00 hour GMT Cape Verde Islands
GMT = Greenwhich Mean Time Casablanca, Dublin, Edinburgh
Lisbon, London
+1:00 hour GMT Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern
Rome, Stockholm, Vienna,
Belgrade, Budapest, Brussels,
Madrid, Paris, Warsaw,
Sarajvo, West Central Africa
+2:00 hours GMT Athens, Istanbul, Minks,
Bucharest, Cairo, Pretoria,
Helsinki, Tallinn, Jerusalem
+3:00 hours GMT Baghdad, Kuwait, Riyailh,
Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgolgrad,
+3:30 hours&minutes GMT Tehran
+4:00 hours GMT Baku, Tbilisi, Yerevan, Muscat
+4:30 hours&minutes GMT Kabul
+5:00 hours GMT Islamabad, Karachi, Tashkent,
+5:30 hours&minutes GMT Calcutta, Chennai, Mumbai,
New Delhi
+7:00 hours GMT Bankonk, Hanoi, Jakarta,
+8:00 hours GMT Beijing, Chongquing, Hong Kong,
Urumqui, Perth, Taipei
+9:00 hours GMT Seoul, Yakutsk, Osaka,
Sapporo, Tokyo
+10:00 hours GMT Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne,
Sydney, Guam, Port Marsbey,
Hobart, Vladivostok
+11:00 hours GMT Magadan, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia
+12:00 hours GMT Auckland, Wellington, Fiji,
Kamchatka, Marshall Islands

Here is a sample as to how to interperet our SIM Time Posts. We normally post our times in Eastern Time alone, however, sometimes we do post them to reflect Eastern Time and GMT as well.

A SIM is to take place at 8:00pm Eastern Time on Wednesday.

The SIM would take place at 8:00pm in the Eastern Time Zone in the United States and Canada.
The SIM would take place at 7:00pm in the Central Time Zone in the United States and Canada.
The SIM would take place at 6:00pm in the Mountain Time Zone in the United States and Canada.
The SIM would takeplace at 5:00pm in the Pacific Time Zone in the United States and Canada.

The SIM would take place at 9:00pm Atlantic Time in Canada.
The SIM would take place at 1:00am (early Thursday morning) in the Greenwhich Mean Time (GMT) time Zone. This would effect London and areas listed above.
The SIM would take place at 11:00am (Thursday morning/afternoon) in Australia.

If a SIM time is announced as Eastern Time ONLY - add 5 hours to that time to come up with the GMT time. Then go back to the chart above and find what area of the world you are in. Then -- do the math + or - the amount of hours GMT and find out what time the SIM starts in your area.
We at Star Fleet On-Line hope that this is a useful reference for everyone.

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